My Watercolours

As part of the design process when I am carrying out a commission, I make preliminary sketches, sometimes brief, just to verify the composition, but at other times, I make one or several more detailed drawings or watercolours.

I exhibit some of my working sketchbooks on my stand at the RHS and at other exhibitions, as a way of showing prospective clients how I work, and giving them some insight into the genesis of the engraved work on the stand. I have also put some of my Sketchbooks on the website, so you can get the flavour of them even if you cannot make it to one of my exhibition stands

Some of the sketchbook sketches have been elaborated into full-scale watercolour paintings, and I am showing a few of these on the website. I do take commissions for watercolour painting- I have given indicative prices for the works I have executed so far.

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