Message in a Bottle

Image © 2006 Jacqueline Allwood

   Glass hand-blown by Bob Crooks

Message In A Bottle is an idea for communication in a society where this has often become difficult. It is a way to open a road of communication between people. It builds on the concept of throwing a bottle into the sea with a message inside, in the hope that some other person will find it, and understand what you have written.

Message In A Bottle is a series of small sculptural bottles, each unique. The client specifies a message- a phrase or saying, or something personal - which I inscribe on a strip of vellum, and which is inserted into the bottle for the recipient to find. Here, for example, the message is one of love, from the Sufi poet Rumi-Jelaluddin Balkhi:

'You are the road and who knows the road, more than maps, more than love'

I look forward to receiving suggestions for other messages.

So you would be the giver, or the recipient, of a unique personalised "Message in a Bottle"

Page last updated 18 August 2009