Though I admired the lithographs of (amongst others) Giacometti, it was initially for me a "dark art". No-one seemed to be able to give me any idea of how to combine the creative and artistic with the technical aspects. However, in 2009 I signed up for a three-year course in stone lithography at the Atelier Beaux Arts at Glacière in Paris XIII. I came to enjoy lithography for its ability to produce very strong saturated colours as well as a delicacy of tone and line when required.

After leaving Glacière I continued working at lithography, combining it with drawing, etching and glass engraving. Some of the lithographic images below are of the countryside around my studio in south-west France, and I have also done drawings of the same features

While I was following the course at the Atelier de Beaux Arts in Paris XIII, I learnt the techniques of stone lithography. I was able to use my drawing skills to prepare images for lithography, either by drawing directly on the stone using litho crayon, or by transfer.

One of the exercises was to put several images on the same stone, and then print a single sheet which could be folded to form a small book. I called these my "Flip Books". Five of these have been put up on the site.

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