Jacqueline Allwood- Glass Engraver

I am a glass artist working principally in the fields of:

I work on studio blown glass as well as fused and slumped glass. I have also undertaken studies in botanical illustration, and calligraphy, and I incorporate these techniques into my glass work

I am going to use this site to show my work, and make it available to a wider audience. You will be able to see work I have done, including commissioned work, architectural work in public spaces, and work I am currently showing in exhibitions.

From time to time, I make a few non-commissioned pieces available for sale. Please see the "Occasional Sales" link for details of these.

In some of the images of my work, you may see a small red dot in the top right-hand corner. If you click on this dot, you can hear my short vocal commentary on the work.(may behave badly or even not work on tablets and smartphones)

"All we like sheep..."
Woodcut with lettering on the basis of a biblical phrase (and also a chorus from "Messiah" by Handel: "All we like sheep are gone astray. Each hath turned in his own way"
Image © 2018 Jacqueline Allwood
This work is currently on show at: South London Lettering Association, St Bride Institute until 26 October 2018 see Exhibition details and catalogue

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