Commissioning Engraved Glass

Hand-engraved glass is an ideal medium for gifts, presentations and other commemorative events.

If you feel that a piece of engraved glass, or a set of glasses is appropriate for your needs, please do not feel inhibited from approaching me by email, to discuss your requirements. I would be happy to discuss, explore and bring out your ideas for a commission without any obligation on your part.

Do ensure early on in the discussion that I am aware of the price which you are expecting to pay. Glass engraving is a hand craft technique, and many hours of design will have gone into the finished work, so it will be priced accordingly.

If you decide to go ahead at this stage, I would wish to discuss in detail with you the exact type and size of glass, and I will work closely with you over the final design. I will, for example, take great care to ensure that the final design is entirely suited to your needs, and that you will be the owner, or presenter, of a work of art which will continue to give pleasure over the years.

To give you some guidance, I have a page of blanks which Bob Crooks has blown for me for previous commissions. Bob is willing to blow glass to my specification, as agreed with the client

As a guide to the scope of possibilities, I have compiled a list of recent commissions with short notes on the principal motifs leading to their commission.

I believe that commissioning work is an activity involving exchange of ideas and discussion. This can be done either face-to-face, or by email and/or telephone, Please write to me or telephone at either of my studios listed below, or email to arrange a meeting if you wish to have a piece designed and made for you.

I do however, from time to time, have pieces executed for exhibition display which I make available for sale. Look for the link "Occasional Sales" on the Home Page.

Visit my studio in Paris!

I work in my studio in the north of Paris, close to Montmartre. I welcome visitors and clients to come and see me and my work. If you are in Paris, do come and see me. Please telephone 01 42 55 61 18 beforehand in case I've gone out.

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