Recent Exhibition and Research work

On this page, I thought it might be interesting to show some of the works I have done for exhibitions, and where I try pushing my work forward without the constraint of working for a client. Therefore, I can take more risks.

Most of these works are experiments, in which I use a glass medium created in an unusual way, that is, I use glass as a surface upon which to express myself, and not necessarily withing the framework of formal glass engraving, but as an extension of my engraving on copper plates, and woodcuts. You can see this link by looking at the Printmaking pages. I am seeking ways in which to display both the prints and the glass in the same environment

All of these pieces are highly personal. I would be interested in doing commissioned work of a similar nature that told somebody else's personal story

TitleFfynnon (Creation)
Description:A slumped oval disk engraved with the poem "Ffynnon" by the Welsh poet Menna Elfyn, and a glass disk engraved with a verse translation in English
Image © 2007 Jacqueline AllwoodThis image shows the Welsh text, engraved in a formal style on an oval slumped panel approximately 18cm x 25cm. The slumped piece of glass is ina simple seed shape, just big enough to contain the poem so that it is legible.

Jacqueline Allwood thanks Menna Elfyn for her kind permission to reproduce her poem on this work
Image © 2007 Jacqueline AllwoodWith this disk I have been much freer in my interpretation of how I placed the poem, as it is an English translation. In the exhibition, I have suspended the disk inside a bicycle tyre, and one looks through to the rolling landscape beyond.

Jacqueline Allwood thanks Menna Elfyn for her kind permission to reproduce her poem on this work
I came across this beautiful poem by the Welsh poetess Menna Elfyn whilst working on a project on Migration for the British Council in Brussels. It is about the opposition and the eventual love-union of the two primitive elements Earth and Water. I chose to interpret the poem on the glass in this manner. I engraved the original poem in Welsh on a slumped panel in the form of a simple seed, using the exact format that the poet used. For the second panel, which is a circular clear glass disk, some 60cm in diameter, I wrote the English translation which I felt was one step removed from the original, and therefore I felt free to interpret the positioning of the poem in a more personal manner, to cope with the fact that I was writing it on a disk, and not a rectilinear space.
This work has been exhibited at the Sculpture in the Garden exhibition from 4 June 2007 to 28 July 2007

TitleDesire and Pursuit
Description:A clear crystal vessel, hand-blown by Bob Crooks
Image © 2008 Jacqueline AllwoodThis shows a side view of the vessel. It is approximately 20cm diameter by 27cm high, in clear crystal. The lettering will be bourne on the underside of the stopper and the top of the vessel, so that it can only be seen when the stopper and the vessel are separated
I am working on this vessel as part of the "Message in a Bottle series" depicting scenes from family life. This one will represent the resolution, reflecting the Greek idea of love as the union of two halves seeking each other. The notion appears in Plato, and was taken up by the writer Frederick Rolfe ("Baron Corvo") in his final novel "The Desire and Pursuit of the Whole". I will engrave the Greek motif on the top surface of the vessel itself, and the English motif on the underside of the stopper.

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