Gallery of my work

On this page you can browse through my work. Some of this has been commissioned, some I have executed for my own research. I haven't given any indicative prices, but as I explained on my Commissioning page, each work is an individually conceived piece, and its price will reflect the amount of design and execution for that piece

Select the type of glass (goblet etc) that you are interested in seeing an example, or choose "All Types". Then click on "Display Category"

You can also search for particular words in the title or description. Enter the word (eg "peony" in the search box below

Look in with in the title or description

Alternatively, you can see a slide show of my glass images. Select the display speed (Slow, Medium or Fast), then click on the "Slide Show" button. You can then select which category of glass you wish to view, and you can also stop the display and move the display forwards or backwards manually.

Page last updated 23 October 2015

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