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Two quotes that I like from Anthony Gormley:
"I try to draw every day"   
"A day without drawing is a wasted day"

Since leaving art school, I have made it important in my life to draw. After taking up glass engraving, this became even more important, as I would often begin a discussion with a client by making rough sketches from their ideas. Later in the commission, I would take a more formal approach, recording the images I would need for the commission in the form of careful drawings.

I use the environments around both my bases- my studios in Paris and in the Charente, as source material, from botanical drawings of plants and flowers, to large-scale landscapes.

I work principally with charcoal in a traditional way. But more recently, I have been using Graf-Art, from Sennelier in Paris which can be used dry in much the same way as a traditional stick of charcoal, or mixed with water to produce tones from deep blacks (almost like lithography crayon or ink) to palest grey washes.

Series of Drawings  
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